Intro to Services

  meditation rocks stacked in balance with fall leaves in background photo

How would knowing your story through time change your life? 

And what if there was a new language awakening
inside you to help you remember?


A Soul Reading is an energetic tool that can support and assist you in finding clarity, compassion, and a greater awareness about the root cause(s) of your challenges, suffering, imbalances, mis-alignment, indecision, and emotional and behavioral patterning.

It can also serve to affirm what IS aligned in your life path and life purpose on the planet at this time, and give you some new “soul compass coordinates” to help you to follow the dreams that are rising in your heart’s consciousness in these powerful times.

These are just a few examples of the themes or issues for which people have a reading:

  • Patterns of Lack
    (Not “having enough” or not “being enough” in some way)
  • Relationship Issues
  • Challenges manifesting more “Good” in their life experiences
  • A Lack of Soul Purpose or Meaning in their lives
  • Health Challenges
  • Fears or Self Doubts
  • New Beginnings, Uncertain Pathways, or Forks in the Road Ahead
  • A Feeling of Being Disconnected or Alone
  • A Feeling of somehow “Being Different” in this world and not really understanding Why
  • A Curiosity About their Spirituality
  • A Confusion About the Current State of the World and their Place In It
  • A Desire to Become More Conscious of Who They Really Are and Why They Are Really Here on this planet at this time

How it Works

  • Marie connects with you for a 30 minute free phone consult.  This gives clients time to inquire about the Soul Reading process.  It also gives Marie time to tune into your energy field and soul signature.
  • If you choose either a Seed of Life Soul Reading or a Flower of Life Soul Reading, you will be asked to first review, sign, and send a Consent Form for the Soul Reading Service to Marie via email.
  • Marie sends an invoice for the Soul Reading Fee to you via Paypal.  Payment is due upon receipt.
  • Once payment and the consent form are received, Marie will channel your specific Soul Reading message *remotely,* within a week’s time.
  • A  Seed of Life Soul Reading transmission will be emailed to you in PDF format upon completion of the reading, for your review.
  • A Flower of Life Soul Reading includes a 2 Hour Soul Reading Review Session where Marie reads and shares the transmission with you, allowing for a deeper conversation about the many insights, guidances, and energies that are revealed in the reading. You have time in this review session to ask questions and to share your feelings about the information that comes through for you.  When the Soul Reading Review Session is complete, a PDF of the Soul Reading transmission is sent to you via email for your for your records and ongoing review.

Marie Mohler, frequencywriter.comMarie Mohler is a spiritual channel, author, and visionary.  She completed a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling in 1997 and awakened to her gifts as a Spiritual Channel in 2004.  She is the author of 16+ published books and 8 cds.  Additionally, she is a Co-Founder of Whole Soul School and Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching, coaching, and seeding the heart and soul of higher consciousness, the power of people’s innate talents and life purpose, the gift of self awareness, and the journey of personal transformation as bridges and daily life skills that bring greater balance, meaning, and wholeness to people worldwide.