April 2021 Energy Update ~ ~ Revelations & Resurrection

April 2021+ Energy Update: 

Revelations, Resurrection,
 & The Greatest Awakening Of All Time March 2021+ Energy Update The Avatar's Journey

March 2021+ Energy Update #2: The Avatar’s Journey, The Vibrational Serpent, The Living Language, & Conscious Keys to The Divine Garden of Eden ~ Aviator Avatars ~ February 2021 Transmission ~ Pilot Airplane Sunset

February 2021+ Energy Updates:  Aviator Avatars, Choice-Points, Activations, & Integration Time

December 2020 Energy Update: The Living Light of A New Golden Age, The Great Awakening 2.0, Darkness Revealed, and Great Celebrations of Light, Joy, Wholeness, and Oneness in this Faith-Filled Season

November 2020 ~ The World Is Changing: The Reign of Linear Darkness Is Over & Great Celebration, Epic Emancipation, Zero Point Energies, & Divine Reunion With Source Is Here

October ~ November 2020 Energy Update: Truth ~ The Great Emancipator, Propaganda ~ A Third Dimensional Word With Multidimensional Consequences, & A Deep Quantum Reset Process

The Power Is Returning to the People: Seek Truth, Liberate Clear Soul Sight, Embrace The Hero’s Journey, Emerge Sovereignty, & Birth New Conscious Creation

August/September 2020 Energy Update: A New Story of Humanity, Revelations, Awakenings, Ascension into a New Golden Age Renaissance is Unfolding, & The Garden of Eden Awaits

The Greatest Show on Earth, Epic Revelations & Illuminations, Its Time to Speak and See Truth, We Came For These Times!

August 2020 Energy Update: The Time for Sleeping Is OVER, The Time of Mass Awakening May be OVER-WHELMING, There Is Something Much Bigger Unfolding Here, Ally With Truth and Light